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Wine 101: Aromas

Cape gooseberry and lime on the nose? Let’s chat wine aromas. You’ll often hear ‘those in the know’ spurting some rather outlandish and fanciful wine descriptors when sniffing

Sauvignon Blanc Pairing Recipe

The holidays are nearly here. As such, we thought we’d entice you with a little Sauvignon Blanc seafood pairing recipe for those long, carefree summer days to come.

Chenin Blanc Pairing Recipe

It’s summertime, which means Backsberg’s Chenin Blanc is at the top of our list of cool refreshments. We’ve partnered with Cape Town foodie, Nita West, to create a

Backsberg Exports Manah=ger

Wine Export Sales Manager

Backsberg Estate Cellars is seeking to appoint a Wine Export Sales Manager. The applicant must have a minimum of 3 years of sales experience in wine exports. A

Merlot Pairing Recipe

To celebrate International Merlot Day, Backsberg has partnered with Cape Town food blogger Nita West to create a recipe that complements our Backsberg Premium Merlot. What better pairing

A Festive Family Feast at Backsberg

Join us at Backsberg this Christmas as we relish in festive cheer and tranquility while sipping on world-class wines in a truly memorable Winelands setting. Say no to

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