wines made with love and respect for the land

To tread lightly is to step with care; to mindfully leave no trace. It means acting with gentle intention, while existing harmoniously within a greater ecosystem.


We take care of our land because it’s home. Producing wine sustainably is not a chore – it is simply what we do and what we love.

A Sustainable Approach

The newly refreshed Tread Lightly brand is the embodiment of parent farm Backsberg’s sustainable approach. Central to Backsberg is a sincerely generous attitude to the world and a wealth of stories and anecdotes that are human and distinctly heartwarming, which translates into seamlessly excellent wine.


The Tread Lightly range celebrates the lighthearted side of Backsberg’s sustainable initiatives, paying special tribute to the key women who are responsible for growing and crafting these delicate, aromatic wines.

Tread Lightly Chenin Blanc

As South Africa’s most planted grape variety of any colour, Chenin Blanc flourishes over 9000 km away from its birthplace in the Loire. Tread Lightly Chenin Blanc is unoaked to retain freshness and pure fruit character. Bursting with aromas of peach, melon and freshly cut flowers, this wine conjures images of long summer days in the Cape’s fragrant, untamed gardens.

Tread Lightly Rosé

With a warm Mediterranean climate similar to Provence, South Africa’s Cape Winelands are ideally suited to the production of light, fresh rosé. Picked early to retain refreshing acidity, the Pinotage grapes used for Tread Lightly Rosé are naturally aromatic and delicately fruity. This rosé exhibits aromas of watermelon, strawberry and rosehip.

Tread Lightly Pinotage

Pinotage is celebrated as South Africa’s only ‘indigenous’ grape variety. A crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsault, it exhibits the juicy red fruit of its parent cultivars, with hints of a darker, wilder side. Thanks to gentle pressing, Tread Lightly Pinotage is made in a light, fragrant and ripe style. Stewed cherry, coffee bean and sweet strawberry flavours are complemented by subtle undertones of dried fynbos. With its juicy mouthfeel and supple, sweet tannins, this Pinotage is ideal for pairing with a wide range of dishes.

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