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17 May Kosher Sally Williams Pairing

At Backsberg we have an extensive range of kosher wines available for purchase, from our stellar Kosher Brut MCC to our popular Kiddush Sweet Red. Therefore, we thought it was about time we created our very own kosher-friendly pairing to complement these unique wines. We joined forces with renowned Sally...

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03 Jun Wine of the Month – Pinotage

A South African Jewel. If South Africa could claim a grape variety as its own, then Pinotage certainly fulfils being a truly South African wine grape variety. Cultivated in the 1920s by South African bio-chemist Abraham Izak Perold, he was tasked with developing a new, authentically South African wine grape. After much...

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03 Mar Mid Harvest Report

The next two days for Backsberg are going to be pretty big days with around 50 tons of grapes coming in. That's a lot of grapes. That's the same weight as about five fully grown African Elephants. These two days push us well into the second half of harvest. So...

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