Tasting Room

The Tasting Experience at Backsberg Estate Cellars
Join us at Backsberg for any of the following activities.

Informal Wine Tasting
Sample any five wines, while enjoying the welcoming atmosphere of the Tasting Room. Our Tasting Room Manager will enlighten you about the wines and guide you on your Wine Tasting journey and purchase.
R20 per person – 5 Wines
*Please note: this Tasting is free of charge if you purchase wine or enjoy lunch at our Restaurant during your visit

Informal Brandy Tasting
Sample each of Backsberg’s three signature brandies and any two fortified wines.
R40 per person – 4 Brandy Products & 1 Fortified Wine

Formal Wine Tasting
Enjoy a formal sit-down Wine Tasting with the Sommelier and Tasting Room Manager in the historic vat barrel cellar or in the gardens on a warm day. Listen to the story of Backsberg, the background of the wines and their characteristics, whilst tasting through each wine as a discerning wine taster, using sight, smell and taste. Booking 3 days in advance is required.
R60 per person – 5 Wines & 1 Sydney Back Brandy

Cheese and Wine Pairing
R95 per person – 4 Wines & Cheeses

Chocolate and Wine Pairing
R95 per person – 5 Wines & Chocolates

Kosher Sally Williams Pairing
R95 per person – 4 Kosher Wines & 4 Sally Williams Delights

Blending Experience
Participate in an informative Wine Tasting as well as an interactive and hands-on blending activity. Understand single varietals and how they can be used to form a component in a wine blend, adding either structure, fruit, finesse or body to create a well-balanced wine. This is a great social or corporate group outing where teams compete to create the best blend. Booking 3 days in advance is required.
R125 per person (includes a prize for the winning blend)


Enjoy our beautiful garden
Meander through the cellar
Spoil yourself with lunch under the trees

To book phone 021 875 5141, or e-mail for more information.
We are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm, Saturday from 9:30am to 4:30pm and Sunday from 10:30am to 4:30pm.