13 Feb Harvest kicking into gear

Last weekend saw us touring around the winelands tasting and sampling grapes from various blocks. Some exciting Sauvignon Blanc and our first Pinot Noir are in the pipeline. The week itself saw us harvest some Sauvignon as well as some super Merlot. Harvest is really kicking into gear now...

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13 Jan Run-up to Harvest 2009

My sister and I set out to do do a crop estimate on the second and last days of 2008. Our estimates suggest the crop is definitely lighter than in 2008. This is largely due to the long cool winter. The 2009 Harvest is also going to start some 7-10...

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25 Nov Down to the Wire

The last number of weeks have been critical from a canopy management perspective. We have been putting the wires up in the vineyards. Patience and timing are everything. With the recent storms in the Cape one would have had an increased risk of wind damage if one's timing wasn't right...

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