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Backsberg Vineyards

18 May Trendy Trellising Techniques

The use of trellising systems has always been regarded as an integral component in viticulture, predominantly being used to assist with canopy management. Viticulturists need to ensure foliage growth takes place via photosynthesis but they also need to be able to limit shading which could potentially hinder grape ripening. Besides, the...

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Kosher Pairing blog

17 May Kosher Sally Williams Pairing

At Backsberg we have an extensive range of kosher wines available for purchase, from our stellar Kosher Brut MCC to our popular Kiddush Sweet Red. Therefore, we thought it was about time we created our very own kosher-friendly pairing to complement these unique wines. We joined forces with renowned Sally...

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Backsberg's cheese and wine pairing

22 Mar Say ‘cheese’!

For centuries, both culinary enthusiasts and sommeliers alike have been pairing beautifully rich cheeses with fine wine. Historically, it has often been noted that there is a distinct link that exists between the pairing of these items; namely, the geographical origins of the products tend to be similar. Additionally, the...

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Nomadic Orchestra 2015 by Johannes Stock Hi-Res

20 Feb Q & A with Nomadic Orchestra

This year Backsberg Estate Cellars has teamed up with Good Housekeeping SA to bring you four top-class musical acts at our annual Picnic Concert Series. We're kicking off the series with Nomadic Orchestra who will be performing live, this Sunday, February 26th, and to get all our faithful Backsbergers into the festive mood,...

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15 Feb blog

15 Feb Hot and Dry Vintage Delivers Classic Chardonnay

The vintage of 2016 will go down in the history of the Cape winelands as one of the hottest and driest on record. Trying as they were for viticulturists and winemakers alike, these conditions seemed to have brought out superb qualities in the Chardonnay variety growing on Backsberg Estate Cellars...

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07 Feb Letter from the CEO

Dear Backsbergers, February marks the heart of harvest for us. We are finishing off bringing in the whites, and we will be harvesting the majority of our red grapes during this month. The harvest marks the beginning of the year for me, the beginning of a cycle. A cycle is characterised by...

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