Ten years ago, a full-time horticulturalist (Sandra Moss) was employed at Backsberg to attend to the estate’s landscaping. This work has evolved into large alien clearing efforts and considerable progress has been made. Michael Back, owner of Backsberg is also proud of the hundreds of trees that have also been planted on the estate to re-green areas and counteract the removal of indigenous trees over the previous decades. Birds are noticeably being attracted back to the farm by this re-greening project.

The main biodiversity feature of Backsberg is their approximately 35ha of Swartland Alluvium Fynbos which is also a critically endangered veld type, due to its association with the sought-after soils of the lowlands. This fynbos area, one of only a few patches left in the area, has been preserved over the generations and will never be ploughed even though it might hold soils suitable for more vines.“ Such an act of conservation certainly deserves fitting recognition.

The focus is on re-establishing natural vegetation, re-greening and clearing alien vegetation.