Say ‘cheese’!

For centuries, both culinary enthusiasts and sommeliers alike have been pairing beautifully rich cheeses with fine wine. Historically, it has often been noted that there is a distinct link that exists between the pairing of these items; namely, the geographical origins of the products tend to be similar. Additionally, the body of a wine tends to correlate with the heaviness of a cheese product. Tradition exists at the heart and soul of Backsberg. That is why we continued to abide by these criterion when creating our very own cheese and wine pairing.

Dalewood Fromage, a neighbour on the Franschhoek-Simondium Road, served as a worthy collaborator in our efforts to preserve this pairing tradition. With milk sourced from the estate’s own stud Jersey herd, and a unique recipe formulated by Rob Visser, the eco-friendly farm’s second-generation owner, Dalewood Fromage has become a household name.

Dalewood’s “cows never receive growth or milk production increasing hormones, neither do they receive any unnecessary antibiotics”. Those at Dalewood note that their “cows are happy and happy cows produce valuable, delicious milk, which in turn makes good cheese”. We tend to agree! Hence, you can only expect the very best from this Backsberg pairing.

Our offering consists of four of Backsberg’s finest wines paired with four Dalewood regional cheeses at a cost of R95.00 per person. Think Backsberg’s Sauvignon Blanc paired with Dalewood’s creamy Wineland Brie Green Fig, or our Sonop Chardonnay paired with the beautifully mild Boland. Dalewood’s signature cheese, Huguenot, is uniquely theirs and our Family Reserve White serves as the perfect match with its nutty characteristics. Last but not least, is our Special Late Harvest Gewürztraminer. Its sweet kiwi and litchi characteristics flawlessly complement the lively Wineland Brie Cape Chilli with its smooth, creamy and medium-bite.

A pairing to rival its ancient adversaries, Backsberg’s traditional cheese and wine pairing is one sure to go down in history as a unique and delicious offering.  Say, ‘cheese’… and wine!


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