A Sizzling Start to 2017

A flurry of activity, the scurrying of feet, the clanging of pots and the sharpening of knives. Slowly but surely decadent smells begin to waft on over, cinnamon, vanilla and fresh mint. A beautifully plated dish is presented in front of our eyes. Clean lines, strong use of colour, and variation in height. The tap of a spoon and the caramel layer parts. The crème brûlée is certainly the star of this decadent dessert. No-one would ever have guessed that this gastronomic delight was crafted by one so very new to the culinary world but it is, and it is simply incredible.  

At Backsberg we have always understood that there is a certain symbiotic relationship that exists between food and wine. As a result, having a world-renowned chef school on your premises is only par for the course. Backsberg plays host to the culinary institute, The Hurst Campus. Modelled on the famed Institut Paul Bocuse School of Cuisine, The Hurst Campus provides education to those wishing to pursue a career in the culinary industry. If you have ever dreamt of a career as a chef, baker, food stylist, restaurateur, caterer or even, a wedding and events co-ordinator, The Hurst Campus will provide you with the skills to become the very best in your chosen profession.

The campus offers a 2 Year City & Guilds Accredited Advanced Food and Wine Chef’s Programme, suited to those wishing to pursue a career professionally, as well as an 8 Week Mastery of Cuisine Programme, an entertaining course tailored to suit the needs of those who simply love food and wish to build their confidence in the kitchen in a personal capacity.

With alumni names like Chris Erasmus, owner of Foliage Restaurant in Franschhoek, Timonthy Bruys, owner of Tiger’s Eye Restaurant in Cambodia, and Jonno Proudfoot, author of the best-selling books ‘The Meal Revolution’ (2014) and ‘Raising Superheroes’ (2015), there is no doubt that The Hurst Campus really does produce some truly talented individuals.

It is fortuitous that the newest intake’s arrival at Hurst corresponds to our own bustling harvest season; and similarly to the development of our own wines, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for these young chefs!

For additional information, please contact info@thehurstcampus.co.za or visit The Hurst Campus website at www.thehurstcampus.co.za.

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