Q & A with Taxi Violence

Q & A with Taxi Violence

This year Backsberg Estate Cellars teamed up with Good Housekeeping SA to bring you four top-class musical acts at our annual Picnic Concert Series. Last, but not least, is Taxi Violence. They will be performing at Backsberg Estate Cellars on Sunday, 19 March with a lively acoustic set for the fourth and final picnic concert in the 2017 series. We took the opportunity to ask them a few questions before they took to the stage relating to life in the fast lane, the integral link between wine and music and what we can expect from Taxi Violence in the near future. Here’s what they had to say! 

1. What makes playing at a wine estate so special?

Louis: The beautiful surroundings and being outside in nature. And if the wine’s good, then that’s a bonus too.

Rian: The fact that there will be wine!

2. As South Africa’s first carbon neutral wine farm we’re all about reducing our carbon footprint. Do you believe in living a sustainable lifestyle? If so, what sustainable practices do you implement in your own life?

Louis: Absolutely. My wife and I recycle and only switch on our geyser when we need hot water.

Rian: I do believe in it yes. I think in a consumer-driven society like ours, the first step is to reduce consumption. On that front I switch off my geyser and use much less water. I have also planted some plants.

3. If you were a grape variety, which one would you be?

Louis: It’s difficult to only choose one! I’d be one of three: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz or Chenin Blanc.

Rian: Syrah.

4. Where is the best place to enjoy a glass of wine?

Louis: Wherever you have good company.

Rian:  Dinner with the one you love, it doesn’t matter where that is. 

5. When is the best time to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine?

Louis: There’s never a bad time to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine!

Rian: I think any time is quite all right.

6. What sort of wine goes down the best while listening to your music?

Louis: Probably your favourite red wine. I think our music is a bit heavy for a white wine.

Rian: Cab Sav.

7. What has been your best wine drinking experience?

Louis: There are far too many to single out just one. I find that you need two contributing factors for an awesome wine drinking experience: great food and great company.

Rian: There have been many. Perhaps the best ones aren’t completely remembered?

8. Wine or Brandy: Would you rather drink an entire bottle of our Merlot 2015 or slowly sip at a tot of our Sydney Back 1st distillation brandy?

Louis: Give me the Merlot!

Rian: I’d like to try both before I decide.

9. Wine goes better with _______________.

Louis: Wine goes better with your loved ones

Rian: Wine goes better with company

10. Lastly, do you have a special surprise lined up; perhaps, a new album release? If so, could you give us a hint as to what to expect?

Louis: We released a brand new EP on the 13th of Feb. It’s the first of a series that we’ll release in 2017. It’s called ‘Shape and Form I’. Check it out on all the major online platforms. We also released a ridiculous video for the first single, ‘Fake It’. If you’re old enough to know who Bernie Lomax was, then you might enjoy it. Check it out over here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3c2ermSRkg 

The band comprises of George van der Spuy (vocals), Louis Nel (drums), Rian Zietsman (guitar) and Loedi van Renen (guitar/bass)

From left-to-right: Louis Nel (drums), George van der Spuy (vocals), Loedi van Renen (guitar/bass) and Rian Zietsman (guitar)





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