Q & A with the Blues Broers

Q & A with the Blues Broers

This year Backsberg Estate Cellars teamed up with Good Housekeeping SA to bring you four top-class musical acts at our annual Picnic Concert Series. The eclectic Nomadic Orchestra were first out of the gate and they truly got the crowd going this past weekend. Now it’s time for the Blues Broers to show us what they’ve got! The Blues Broers will be performing live from Backsberg this Sunday, the 5th of March. We did a little Q & A session with the band and discovered that not only are each of the band’s members immensely talented musicians but they each possess a serious sense of humour too!

1. What makes playing at a wine estate so special?

Rob: For me it’s the beautiful surroundings, lovely vintage architecture, well-kept grounds and the mountains in the background. 
Jorik: When the wine is flowing the energy between the audience and the band is also heightened and that is really what performing live is all about, connecting with your audience. 
Basson: Wine estates always have a great vibe! The sunshine, the fresh aromas of the vines and people just being super relaxed, having a good time, it’s almost as intoxicating as the wine itself!
Simon: When the weather’s right there’s no finer outdoor venue than a wine farm. Most of them have a beautiful setting and vines lend a lazy atmosphere to the event.

2. As South Africa’s first carbon neutral wine farm we’re all about reducing our carbon footprint. Do you believe in living a sustainable lifestyle? If so, what sustainable practices do you implement in your own life?
Rob:  I hate waste of any description and am particularly passionate about managing water usage at home.
Jorik: We live in an improvement district but we are also seriously water and energy conscious. We decided to scale down a lot from our big house in Pretoria to our tiny home in Observatory.
Basson: Absolutely! Firstly, I save water by drinking wine! Secondly, I use candles at night and read instead of watching a movie. I also only turn my amp up half-way to save power! Hehe!
Simon: I recycle. All organic kitchen waste goes to the pigs.

3. If you were a grape variety, which one would you be and why?
Rob: A delicious tasty grape for eating.
Jorik: Shiraz because #pizzazz!
Basson: Pinot Noir ’cause it sounds fancy, mysterious and dark like me haha!
Simon: Pinot Noir because of my black sense of humour.

4. Where is the best place to enjoy a glass of wine?
Jorik: In front of our fireplace in winter.
Basson: The lovely Backsberg, of course, while the Blues Broers lay down some boogie woogie. Alternatively, on top of Table Mountain, just be careful not to fall off.
Simon: In your mouth. Anywhere else leaves a mess.

5. When is the best time to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine?

Jorik: Paired with the correct food the flavours are really enhanced a lot.
Basson: For me whenever I feel like it. So, in my opinion, anytime is a great time for a lovely glass of wine.
Rob: I haven’t had a glass for almost 20 years!
Simon: 4.43pm on a Saturday.

6. What sort of wine goes down the best while listening to your music?
Rob: Lots of any variety of wine.
Jorik: Drinking wine that isn’t too heavy, such as Merlot, so that you are able to drink a lot of it.
Basson: I’d say a full Cabernet, or fruity Merlot or, even better, my fav, Pinot Noir. 
Simon: I would suggest a Merlot. Not for any musical reason, I just happen to like Merlot.

7. What has been your best wine drinking experience?
Rob:  Managing to drink a whole bottle of Tas as a student without getting ill.
Jorik: Oppikoppi 1994 when my R15 Diamant papsak doubled as a cushion.
Basson: As long as it’s with friends, around a fire, with some good food and guitars, it’s always a great experience.
Simon: I can’t remember much of what happened but I have been assured by people who were there that it was outstanding.

8. Wine or Brandy: Would you rather rather drink an entire bottle of our Merlot 2015 or slowly sip at a tot of our Sydney Back 1st distillation brandy?
Jorik: Merlot
Basson: Can I have both?
Simon: Definitely the Merlot. I try to stay away from ‘karate juice’.

9. Wine goes better with _______________.
Rob: Wine goes better without me.
Jorik: Wine goes better with foreplay.
Basson: Wine goes better with… Everything!
Simon: Wine goes better with marriage than it does with divorce (although, it does work with divorce too).

10. Lastly, do you have a special surprise lined up; perhaps, a new album release? If so, could you give us a hint as to what to expect?
Rob: A variety of good Blues Broers tunes performed at this magnificent venue.
Jorik: Don’t expect anything then you might be surprised.
Basson: Well of course I could tell you but then I would have to kill you! We are currently starting to feel out some new grooves and slowly working on new material. A new album is def in the works.
Simon: Expect the unexpected…. and some Blues Broers songs.

From left-to-right: Jorik Pienaar, Rob Nagel, Simon Orange, and Basson Laubscher.

The Blues Broers from left-to-right: Jorik Pienaar, Rob Nagel, Simon Orange, and Basson Laubscher.

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