Wine of the Month – Rosé

Tread Lightly by Backsberg Rose

Wine of the Month – Rosé

The gorgeously hot summer months are perfect for spending balmy sunsets with special friends, sipping on an icy-chilled, fruity Rosé. This month is the ideal occasion to pair this delicate, yet versatile, wine with a chicken salad, Mediterranean tapas, a gourmet braai, seared salmon with blanched vegetables or even a grilled hamburger. Rosé is crisply vibrant and full of fresh fruit flavours making it a wine befitting for any meal or occasion.

Grenache gris

Grenache gris

Rosé, as the French named it, is a wine-style where red grape varieties are lightly crushed and left to macerate with the red skins for a short amount of time, adding a red hue to the wine. The colour can range from pale salmon colour to a translucent purple and the longer the crushed grapes’ skins are left on the wine, the darker the hue intensifies and the more tannins are extracted by the wine.

Rosé can be made from almost any red grape anywhere in the world and the style in which it’s made influences the final wine. The largest producers by volume are France, Spain and Italy. Varieties such as Grenache, Sangiovese, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan and Cinsault are used to produce dry, European-style Rosés, or old-world style Rosé. Sweeter style, new-world style Rosé is produced from Zinfandel, Merlot and Pink Moscato.

There are three methods to produce Rosé, namely through maceration, pressing and saignée. Maceration involves lightly pressing the grapes and leaving the grape juice on its skins to extract colour for only a few hours before fermentation continues in steel tanks. Pressing comprises pressing the grapes continuously until the desired colour is reached. Saignée or bleeding is said to make the best quality Rosés where only the free-run juice is used to make these wines. Rosés can be made into still, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines. With having few tannins they are not suitable for aging and are best enjoyed within one to two years of bottling.

Backsberg produce a zesty, easy-drinking Rosé with profiles of sweet strawberries, candyfloss and peach on the palate. The wine is produced from Shiraz, Grenache, Carignan and Viognier. The grapes are cool-picked and gentle colour extraction occurs from a short amount of time on the skins. Primary fruit flavours are prominent and the cool-fermentation results in a wine that is low in alcohol, crisp in acidity and is naturally sweet.

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Backsberg also produces Tread Lightly Rosé in a 1ℓ PET bottle.

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