Wine of the Month – Pinotage

Wine of the Month – Pinotage

A South African Jewel.

If South Africa could claim a grape variety as its own, then Pinotage certainly fulfils being a truly South African wine grape variety.

Cultivated in the 1920s by South African bio-chemist Abraham Izak Perold, he was tasked with developing a new, authentically South African wine grape. After much trial, the resultant pairing was unlikely and Perold’s reasoning remains unknown to this day, but speculation tells that he sought the richness of a Burgundian Pinot Noir and the disease-resistant hardiness of Hermitage.

Thus Pinotage was born.

Perold went on to become the first Professor of Viticulture at Stellenbosch University in the Cape Winelands, where he was able to fully experiment with this grape. The result is a bold variety with layers of aromas and flavours. The wines produced from this variety are full and robust, while yields are high.

South Africans enjoy this wine all year round as it is an easy-drinking wine that pairs well with a diverse array of meals. Since Pinotage’s first commercial production in the 1950s, this variety has escalated in popularity and international appeal.

Backsberg has been producing Pinotage since the 1970s with a light- to medium-bodied fruiter-styled Pinotage. The wine reflects the terroir of the warm Paarl region with a balance of red and black fruits supported by structured tannins and crisp acidity. Backberg’s Pinotage is a perfect summer to autumn red wine that is lightly wooded and bears great drinkability.

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